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The Best of Opportunities

For all of us in this together these are dangerous times. We have no assurances of what will happen next. We don't know when it will be over—or if it will be over. We just don't know. At Terra Terroir, we are experiencing all of this but in a sense, we are lucky: we have something that really keeps us feeling alive, that makes us wake up every morning despite the news: the chance to be of service. No great life is lived without service. And at this point, our employees feel a sense of renewed significance, a renewed sense of passion. We can play a role in our community in crisis. We can truly be of service to our community. We can clean, we can work, we can cook, we can prepare—and we can serve. There is no greater purpose. We are not first responders: the doctors and nurses who are risking their lives remain our heroes. But keeping our kitchen open to deliver food to those who need it is something that goes much deeper than business. At Terra Terroir, we met this past Tuesday after an ordered closure by the government. We voted not to disband and farm out delivery services to a third party. We decided those who have stood by us all these years and served will continue to serve. The waiters and waitresses and cooks who have made us who we are will continue to make us who we are. They will prepare, cook, bag orders, run credit cards - and deliver - to our curbside – or your house. We see it as an opportunity - not a job. We have been given the gift of essential service to others. We cherish that opportunity. We thoroughly scrubbed the kitchen, sanded and refinished our tables, installed new handwashing stations and posted CDC Guidelines around the restaurant. Terra Terroir will now be open 7 nights a week, 6 days for curbside pick-up and delivery between the hours of 11:30-2:30 and 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Our award winning Chef Charles Zeran bolstered our menu with new treats – like hand tossed gourmet pizzas. Chris Driollett (12 Wine Spectator Awards of Excellence) has a selection of wines not found in wine stores. We are keeping the prices the same: we are not up charging. We have worked vigilantly to maintain hygiene with the same excellent food presentation. But now it is placed in sealed containers and delivered in tamper proof sealed bags. With our own staff delivering, the food never leaves our sights. We have some limits, but as time goes on, we hope to expand those abilities. The generosity of our neighborhood and well-wishing has touched us deeply. We appreciate the love and support. In return, we can only say "Thank you" and "thank you" a second time for giving us renewed sense of purpose: the chance to serve.